Chrysal International

Chrysal……. Nurturing Beauty.


For many people and customers Chrysal is known for the flowerfood sachet and taking care of the whole
Chain of Flowers…. but also the entire plant chain is something we as Chrysal find important that`s why we have several people working on the R&D side and Technical Consultants also for this category.


Chrysal is offering more then only a high quality product, we believe that our consultants can support that by helping our customers in terms of giving good advice, looking for solutions to add products also automatically.


Through constant innovation, commitment to quality and an on-going search of sustainable solutions , we aim to meet the needs of all the parties in the flower and plant chain. Today and tomorrow.


For several years Chrysal has : Chrysal Cares Program (CSR) because it is in our DNA to take care not only for flowers and plants but also of mother nature and all it brings to us and our world.


Our priorities are mainly on Waste, CO2 emissions, Sustainable use of resources and Employee & Health and Safety.
More initiatives can be expected for the coming years, with an example of the Solar Panels and LED lights that will soon be placed in Naarden.

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